Welcome to Dunasin Ltd.



We perform our activity at such places where quick – not depending on periods –, precise, reliable and professional work is needed. We worked from Záhony to Szombathely, from Szeged to Budapest on the whole territory of the country where we had to build, renovate cranes, crane tracks or set up halls.

Reliability towards our clients is the most important element of our business policy. This guideline includes the following: compliance with the deadlines, adherence to the prices fixed in the preliminary price calculations and exact fulfilment of the construction contract. We undertake only a job which we can fulfill completely, in the appropriate quality and at due the price level, avoiding any needless risk.

Our company endeavours to be able to meet more and more wider customer requirements.

It is extremely important for us to fulfill our contractual commitments in the quality needed by our customers and principals, in the due time and with the efficient exploitation of our resources, aiming at achieving the satisfaction of our partners and principals, and gaining and preserving their confidence.

Motto of our quality policy:

"Quality for us is nothing else but our Customers' satisfaction."